Our Data Privacy services cover everything from ad-hoc consultation services to full Data Privacy Program creation and delivery

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In addition to the full IDEAL program we also offer services including:

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Data Privacy Consulting

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ACU-rate© database rating

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Staff awareness training

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Short Courses

● Foundation Data Privacy
● Data Privacy for Leaders
● Privacy By Design

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Auditing & Adherence

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Stress & Penetration Testing

And many others


We Help Businesses Of All Sizes

Full implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) has left many South African businesses struggling to understand what it means for them and how to comply with it.

If you haven’t yet achieved compliance or don’t even know where to start, don’t worry you’re not alone. IDEAL has been specifically created and designed to help small and medium sized businesses in particular cope with burden of becoming compliant.

IDEAL is designed to cut through the jargon and complexity and make compliance a far more user friendly experience. With IDEAL you won’t need any specialist personnel or new employees, it works with your existing staff to help you gain the knowledge and experience that you need in future.

Implemented correctly, IDEAL should actually result in you saving far more money than you spend. IDEAL is designed to work with your budget and needs in mind. We can create solutions that deliver what you need and do our best to give maximum value for money.

It’s your business, so IDEAL work at your pace. Depending upon your needs and requirements we tailor our solutions to work for you. We can deliver quick, effective short-term interventions as well as long term, comprehensive strategic solutions.

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